Who can get married at Rundle Memorial United Church, Banff

Same-sex Weddings At Rundle we rejoice that equal marriage exists in Canada. Our policies apply equally to all weddings performed by our clergy and/or in our building.

Divorced People Seeking To Marry At Rundle Memorial we do not make any judgments about, or place any restrictions upon those previously married. Legally divorced people are welcome to be married at Rundle and are equally subject to our policies.

Church Involvement While we do not require that you be involved in a Christian church or community of faith in order to be married at Rundle, our Minister will expect you to share with them why it is important for you to be married by a minister in a Christian church.   In addition, secular or non-Christian ceremonies are not permitted within Rundle. Our minister has a variety of Christian wedding ceremonies from which you can choose and you will be invited to work with the Minister in selecting and shaping the ceremony that best fits your occasion.