A Lenten Distraction?

Two weeks into Lent, which, as you are aware, is traditionally a penitential period of reflective, prayerful contemplation on the Passion of Christ (the narrative of scripture, not Mel Gibson’s movie).  How is it going?  If you have chosen to truly invest yourself in Lent, spiritually speaking, you may be ready for a break!  Don’t forget, we’ve got four more weeks of Lent to get through (some might say endure).  But if you’ve taken Lent on, for example given something up as an act of solidarity with Jesus who gave up so much,  or chosen some form of fasting, or meditated on the fact of Jesus’ suffering before the cross and then while on it, perhaps a devotional “breather” is in order, particularly if life in general has been challenging enough of late.

With all that in mind, I offer today not really a devotional but a type of trivia game for our amusement.   Think back ten years to when “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” was a big hit on t.v.  In that tradition I give you the following quiz.  Sadly I cannot offer you a million dollars, or a hundred for that matter.  I can offer you a free skim milk, double shot of espresso, vente Mochacino with sprinkles on top, or whatever your hearts desires at Starbucks some day soon.  If you get them all correct, call me (I trust you) and we’ll set a date.

1/  What type of exotic bird did a former minister at Rundle own and cherish, and once have stolen!?
a.  Cornish game hen
b.  pterodactyl
c.  cocktail
d.  parakeet

2/  Who is generally known as the “founder” of Methodism?
a.  Ghengis Khan
b.  Charleton Heston
c.  Rodney Dangerfield
d.  John Wesley

3/  What spiritual attribute has Methodism traditionally believed human beings were capable of possessing and perfecting in themselves?
a.  holiness
b.  greed
c.  judgmentalism
d.  sarcasm

4/  What word has most dominated the life and work of Rundle UC over the decades, at least until about a year ago
a.  service
b.  friendship
c.  worship
d.  rummage

5/   What part of Sunday worship does the current minister get most nervous about, for no reason whatsoever?
a.   sermon
b.   passing the peace
c.   offering prayer
d.   children’s message, even though he enjoys kids!

6/   What somewhat unusual decision did a former minister undertake, causing some controversy?
a.  Wanted to raise funds for a hot tub in the manse
b.  Wanted to change the Trinity to the Quatriny – Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Rev….
c.   Wanted to remove the church pews and replace with leather sofas,  convert the organ into a bar, and introduce blackjack as a 3rd sacrament
d.  Had himself and spouse placed within one of the stained glass windows
7/   How old is the furniture in the Lonsdale Lounge?  (isn’t it time to replace at least the couches?)
a.  1990’s
b.  1940’s
c.   Last year
d.  1960’s
8/  One church member had a role in a Hollywood movie.   What was the movie?
a.  The Godfather
b.  Bridesmaids
c.   Gandhi
d.  The Claim
9/  One church member ran for political office.  For what office did she run?
a.  neighbourhood watch leader
b.  mayor
c.  grand poobah
d.  member of the legislative assembly
10/  What is the word often used in describing the United Church of Canada, a word in which we take pride yet one because of which the UCC has often been criticized or condemned by other denominations? (could be a trick question)
a. inclusive
b. tolerant
c. liberal
d. progressive