Announcements for July 15, 2012

This coming Sunday we continue with our summer sermon series on Genesis by looking at the tale of Noah and the Ark.  Our scripture lessons will encompass selected verses from chapter 5, 8 and 9.   I’d encourage you to read the entire story, just for fun!  In doing so you’ll undoubtedly recognize the combination of two separate Noah stories into one.  Note the repitition of certain elements, as well as the differing numbers of animals entering the Ark.

Schedule of future Genesis themes:

July 15  –  Genesis  6,8, & 9 (selected)    –  Noah and the Ark stories, yes that’s plural.

July 22  –  Genesis 11:1-9  –  the Tower of Babel.

July 29  –  Genesis 12:1-9  –  Abraham and Sarah.

Aug.  5 –   Genesis 18 & 19 (selected)  – Sodom and Gomorrah.

Aug. 19 –  Genesis 22:1-19  –  Abraham called to sacrifice Isaac.

Aug. 26 –  Genesis 37:1-12, 18-36  –  Joseph part 1.

September  2 – Genesis 45:1-15  – Joseph part 2.

Katy our Office Administrator – will be on some well-deserved vacation time over periods of the next few weeks.   Various Rundle folk will be covering aspects of Katy’s work including Rev. Crawford, who will be checking church emails and church phone messages, and keeping, as often as is possible, his stated office hours of Tuesday – Thursday, 9 am – 12 Noon.  Please contact him either by phone 762-2075; 493-4606, or the church email address

“A Multi-Faith Society” summer study group has been postponed.

Participants decided this week to take the rest of the summer off and finish this study series in September.  What we’ll plan to do is examine the remaining religions over four weeks (Islam, Roman Catholicism, Mahayana Buddhism, and Mormonism), then continue for my remaining four weeks with a return to the alternative worship focus, looking at the Revised Common Lectionary readings for each Sunday.  Watch for further information.

“Doors Open Banff”

Rundle UC will be taking part in this annual event once again this year.  Sunday, August 19th, from 1 – 4 p.m. our church will be open for visitors.  We will need at least one person to volunteer as a greeter for those 3 hours, and also open and close the church.  Please contact Katy and/or Dave if you can help our church in this way.

Rundle U.C.  Ministry

At its most recent meeting the Rundle U.C. Board accepted an offer from Rev. Doug Powell to serve as 3/4 time minister (stated supply) between Nov. 1st and Jan. 31st.   As many of you know, Doug has been serving at Rundle for two or so years as the Presbytery Rep., and has a fairly solid knowledge of the Bow Valley and issues related to RMUC.  He has recently retired from Okotoks United Church.  We look forward to Doug’s leadership!


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