A Call for National United Church of Canada Volunteers

With the 41st General Council completed, the national office of the United Church of Canada is now beginning the search for a number of those who will lead and serve through this next triennium.

A list of the current vacancies is included below and posted at www.united-church.ca/getinvolved/servegc/current.

Completed expressions of interest of approximately 500 words need to be received by Tuesday October 9, 2012

Current Vacancies
Representatives of The United Church of Canada to:
The Canadian Council of Churches: Commission on Faith and Witness (1 vacancy)
The Canadian Council of Churches: Commission on Justice and Peace (1 vacancy)
Representative to the Roman Catholic–United Church Dialogue (1 vacancy)
Representative to the Anglican Church–United Church Dialogue (1 vacancy)

Committees and Task Groups
Partners in Mission Unit-Wide Committee (4 vacancies)
Racial Justice and Gender Justice Advisory Committee (10 vacancies)
Audit Committee (1–2 vacancies)
Academic Awards and Scholarships Sub-Committee (up to 3 vacancies)
Comprehensive Review Task Group – NEW (5–7 vacancies)