The Search for a More Just Economic System

To all WCRC member churches, a call to prayer

Dear friends,

Please pray for the Conference that the World Communion of Reformed Churches, the Council for
World Mission and the World Council of Churches is holding from 29 September to 5 October in
Guarulhos, Brazil.

Since the 2008 global financial and economic crash, millions of people all over the world have
joined the ranks of suffering people. Already for decades before then, a large percentage of people
in the world have been suffering unjustly in the global economy and financial systems, and human
plundering of the earth and its resources have led the world towards a state of climate injustice and
questions about the sustainability of life on planet earth.

This is a conference called for by the Uniting General Council of the WCRC in Grand Rapids,
Michigan, USA in June 2010. The conference is an expression of a need to search for a global
economic system which:
• is based on the principles of economic, social, climate and ecological justice;
• serves the real economy;
• accounts for social and ecological tasks; and
• sets clear limits to greed.

We ask that as many congregations as possible pray for the conference this Sunday, 29
September. Pray that the outcomes of this conference would work towards mediating fullness of
life for millions of suffering people all over the world.

Pray that participants in the conference will travel safely and will dare to reflect in the light of God’s
Word and to be committed to fulfilling the will of God for fullness of life for all and for breaking the
chains of injustice. Pray that God of life will lead us to justice and peace.

Sincerely yours,

Setri Nyomi (Rev. Dr.)
General Secretary
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