Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United: 23/12/12

The Ministry for Dec 23:
Rev. Doug Powell
Accompanist: Noah Borin
Greeters: Mary Buckingham and Laurie Hardingham
Scripture Reader: Bill Fisher
Advent Candle Lighters: Ian MacDonald and Mary Buckingham
Soloist: Bonnie Borin


Monday evening you are invited to gather again as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

7:00pm: Family service

10:00pm: Candlelight communion


Looking For….

We still look for one or two people to help with the Monday 7:00 pm service. Practice will be arranged for your convenience. Please let Doug know today if you are willing to help.


A Sincere thank you to Bonnie Borin for her musical contribution to worship on Sunday morning.


Just so you know….

The budget for local givings for the year is $31,000

As of our latest records we have received $24,808

This leaves a shortfall of ……$6,192

If you feel God has blessed you this year, if you feel that Rundle United is important to your life and to the life of the community, we pray that you will make your blessings evident in your givings.


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