Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, for the week of December 1, 2012

The Ministry Today:

Rev. Doug Powell
Accompanist: Noah Borin
Greeters: Anne Wilson & Margaret Watson
Scripture Reader: Margaret Watson
Advent Candle Lighters: Ian Brownlee & Anne Wilson
Readers Theater: The Reid, Gibson family, the McNeill family, the Powell family, the congregation

Thank you to all who have contributed today’s worship experience


Activities This Week:

Sunday 7:00pm: Advent community service at St George’s

Tuesday 5:00pm: Potluck dinner and church decorating. All welcome. Thrift store is closed Tuesday Dec 4

Wednesday 7:00pm: Strategic directions committee

Upcoming Events:

Christmas Eve services Dec 24:
7:00pm: Family service
10:00pm: Candlelight communion


Of Note:

Presbytery has just produced an information sheet on churches and their givings. Rundle has the lowest givings per household in the Presbytery and in the Conference. It is our hope to discover WHY this church is important to people so that we might give joyfully and abundantly.

Looking For….

Musicians (especially vocalists) who might contribute to the worship experience, especially over this Advent/Christmas season
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