Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 06/01/13

The Ministry For January 6, 2013

Worship Leader: Sharon Fish

Accompanist: Noah Borin

Greeters: Mary Buckingham and Margaret Watson

Scripture Reader: Mary Buckingham


Doug Powell will be away on Tuesday & Wednesday:  Rev Greg Wooley of Canmore will be on call. His contact number is 403 493-4923.

On Sunday January 13: Greg Wooley and Doug Powell will be doing a pulpit exchange. The purpose of this is to try and see if we can work more closely together in the Bow Valley Corridor.

Tuesday January 15:  A Thrift Shop committee and staff meeting at noon.

The next board meeting: Sunday January 20th. @ 7:00pm

Next week: We are celebrating Epiphany and the travels of the Magi.  Please bring a gift for the Food Bank.

After the service: We will be cleaning up the sanctuary, putting away the tree and decorations.

January 13: Communion will be celebrated this month with Rev Greg Wooley of Canmore.

Just so you know….

The budget for local givings for the year is $31,000

As of our latest records we have received $24,808

This leaves a shortfall of ……$6,192

If you feel God has blessed you this year, if you feel that Rundle United is important to your life and to the life of the community, we pray that you will make your blessings evident in your givings.
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