Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 16/01/13

The Ministry for Jan 13:

Rev. Greg Wooley

Accompanist: Kathy Zaborsky

Greeters: Karen & Brian James and Lena Goon

Scripture Reader: Allan Buckingham

We welcome Rev Greg Wooley, the interim minister at Canmore. We agreed to do a pulpit exchange so that each congregation becomes familiar with the ministry staff in case of Pastoral needs and also in the hopes of having the two congregations work together on common issues.

Next Sunday, after a somewhat shortened service, we will be doing what we believe is an interesting project, a church audit. No…this is not some accounting thing but a tool that the board has already used to help us clarify some issues around the building. We hope many will be a part of this, new and older members alike.

Up Coming Events:

Tuesday January 15: Thrift Shop meeting with Joel DenHaan @12 noon

Sunday January 20: Board Meeting @ 7:00 pm
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