Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 20/01/13

Logo for the Banff United Church, Rundle UnitedThe Ministry for Sunday Jan 20:

Rev. Doug Powell
Accompanist: Noah Borin
Greeters: Ruby and Bill Fisher
Scripture Reader: Bill Fisher

Up Coming Events:

Sunday Jan 20: Board Meeting @ 7:00 pm

Sunday Service ….

The strategic directions committees continue to look at various options for Rundle’s future, with the help of outside experts. This past week Joel DenHaan met with the folks from the Thrift Shop. Today we are invited to use a tool developed to help us examine our worship space. The information collected will be used by the committee as we develop an overall plan for the land and building that is Rundle’s. Your participation, either as a newcomer or a long time member is important. Thanks for your input.