Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 24/02/13

The Ministry For Sunday February 24:

Rev. Bob Lockhart

Accompanist: Noah Borin

Greeters: Ruby & Bill Fisher

Scripture Reader: Bill Fisher


Up Coming Events:

Wednesday February 27: Bible Study @ 7:00 pm in the lounge

  •       Luke 19:1-10   Jesus welcomes those who are outsiders
  •      Luke 19:10-26 The parable of the gold coins

Wednesday March 6: Bible Study @ 7:00 pm

  •      Luke 6: 20-49  Jesus, wisdom teacher and guide

Sunday March 10th: Annual Meeting @ 11:00 am

  •     Please bring a lunch to share.


Background Information and Current Update:

The news from Rev. Douglas and Evelyn Powell: The nights are cold and the hotel is very rustic. However the people are very friendly. They have 89 students in their English classes.

United Church provides $30,000 in assistance to the victims of the Civil War in Syria: Last week the United Church made available $15,000 to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank- Mennonite Central Committee which is organizing food aid for displaced people within Syria. Another $15,000, from the United Church’s Emergency Response Fund, was contributed to the Middle East Council of Churches which is providing emergency relief to Syrian refugees. This is in addition to $30,000 that was previously sent. Additional funds from the Emergency Response Fund will be considered as the situation in Syria unfolds. What you can do: Pray for those who have lost loved ones, their homes, and their livelihoods; pray that the war will end; donate to the Emergency Relief Fund of the UCC.


Daily Scripture Readings for 2nd week of Lent:

Monday: Isaiah 55:1-13 Come buy wine and milk without money!

Tuesday: Luke 13: 1-9 The parable of the barren fig tree.

 Wednesday: Luke 19:1-9 Jesus and Zacchaeus

 Thursday: Luke 19:11-26 The parable of the Gold Coins

  Friday: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 God will not let you be tested beyond your strength.

  Saturday: Psalm 63:1-8   I long for you, O God.


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