Rundle United Thrift, Banff – Update 09/02/13

Banff Thrift Shop, Rundle United Thirft - Arc Room 1Well it certainly has been a whirlwind of action at Rundle United Thrift, Banff these last few months, so much so, that I have neglected getting my newsletter to all of you for a while.
Along with all the turn around within the church, new minister, new administration and new music director we also have added to our roster.
Mary-Jane was hired in August and then needed to take time for herself and luckily Steve came along and joined our team. With addition of more open hours at the Thrift, one more person was needed to cover 8 hours. Also Cat, assistant coordinator of Thrift, went to a full time job, changing her work hours at the Thrift to twice a week instead of three.
This is how the Thrift employees are now organized:
Tuesday 1:30 – 5:30 Janet and Gary
Wednesday 4:30 – 8:30 Cat and Steve
Thursday 1:30 – 5:30 Janet and Steve
Friday 4:30 – 8:30 Janet and Cat
It has been working rather well, and I get a chance to see all of the employees one a week to touch base. Mary-Jane has just return in the new year, and at this time will be a casual employee.
We’ve also added a few new volunteers since September. Please welcome the following people to our Thrift Family:
Paddy Moran, Cedar MacRae, Joshua Campbell, Rino Taniguchi, Nicole Cunningham, Alice Le Foll, Samantha Murray, Dan MacDonald, Jake and Jacquie Marsten, Daryl Manshanden, Evelyn Powell, Deirdre Royle, Mai Inoue, Elaine Searle, Sasha Bogdanov, Sarah Nash, Stephanie Cook and Topher Lowrey.
We also bid farewell to Mr. Song as he has gone back to China, we enjoyed the wedding of Joshua and Daphne and now they are back living in Australia and Alice from France has just left us. These three were awesome volunteers! Thank you so much for your time and friendship.
A special thank you to all the volunteers for without you we wouldn’t be able to function. We are truly blessed. Do you realize Linda has been here from the start, 2010 and before at Rummage sales, Kour Sok also has been a fixture since 2010, Keary Martin has been a tremendous asset since early 2011 as well as Hiroko Kubo, Eriko Fukuda has been here since Nov. 3/2011, Darren Downie since Nov. 22/2011, Abbie Swanson since Dec. 1/2011, Mary-Jane Hradowy since Jan. 11/2012, Roger Leslie since Mar 1/2012 and Mar Tavera since May 18/2012. As you can see the above regulars keep Rundle United Thrift, Banff going like clockwork! (If I missed anyone blame it on my filing system, and accept my apologies)
We have started keeping track of the amount of customers that come into our shop, not necessarily paying customers. Jan 13-19 295+-, Jan 20-25 240+-, Jan 26-31 2 days missed, 89+- and Feb 1st, 1 day 133 customers!
My new year’s resolution, which I have already failed at, was to get a newsletter out monthly! It will happen! Thank you to Mary Buckingham, Sally McDonald, Sharon Fish and Ruby Fisher and Ian Brownlie for your continued guidance and support.
Janet Kundert