Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United 31/03/13

The Ministry for Sunday March 31:

Rev.  Doug Powell
Accompanist: Noah Borin
Soloist: Bonnie Borin
Greeters: Bill and Ruby Fisher
Scripture Reader: Bill Fisher

Up-coming Events:
We are delighted that you have come to celebrate the resurrection on Sunday March 31-more important in the Christian faith than Christmas.

Thank you to all who will help with the service on Sunday March 31 and also with the Sunrise service earlier.

Please stay for fellowship and refreshments after the service, if you can.

Many volunteers have worked hard this week to sort and reorganize the Thrift Shop. A sincere thank you to all who helped. At the beginning of this re-organization, Janet Kundert, the Thrift Shop co-ordinator’s mother passed away in Red Deer. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. Also Steve Stephens, a Thrift shop employee is recovering from a broken back and will be incapacitated for several more weeks. Again we extend our prayers to Steve.
The Thrift Shop will re-open on Tuesday April 2nd.


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