Your Voice, Your Power, Your Gifts

young-adults-collage-3with David Hatfield, Ruth Whyte & Natalie Maxson May 1 to 16

Who are you becoming?  What are your gifts, abilities and purpose?

Consider this a knock on your door and an invitation to adventure.

The transition between adolescence and adulthood is considered by many cultures and wisdom traditions to be the most important and the most challenging life transition, requiring deep deliberation, specific education and is not to be navigated alone. Your Voice, Your Gifts, Your Power is a dedicated time and space for you to step back from your usual life rhythms and patterns, and to invest your time, intention and curiosity into exploring the adult version of you that is emerging. It’s an opportunity to investigate the voice of your genuine and authentic self, your sense of life purpose and the gifts that you alone possess.  It’s also a place to receive the guidance of mentors as you walk the path of big life questions about the world, nature, spirituality and soul.
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