Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United 09/06/13

The Ministry For June 9:

Worship Leader: Rev Doug Powell

Accompanist: Sara Krahn

Greeters: Sharon Fish

Scripture Reader: Allan Buckingham

Next week Events:

Tuesday: 7:30pm Board Meeting

Thursday:  7:00pm Study group in Lonsdale lounge

Saturday: 7:30pm A presentation on human rights issues and abuses in West Papua.

A special welcome to Sara Krahn who will be our accompanist a few Sundays this summer while Noah is away. Sara is a 4th year University student in Manitoba ,working in Banff for the summer.

Our prayers are with Noah and Bonnie Boran as they accompany family members in the final stages of life.

Have you checked in with 30 Days to Rock the Bible on Facebook?  Each day is another special presenter. This continues for the entire month of June.

Next Saturday:

Jeremy Bally 25 years old, is one person trying to make a difference.  When Jeremy learned of genocide in remote West Papua he decided that he can and must do something about it.  Jeremy is going on a 12,000 km journey that started in Victoria May 29 and will end in Brisbane Australia December 1. West Papua is rich in natural resources and so is being exploited by Indonesia.

Jeremy will be at Rundle this Saturday evening for a presentation and awareness evening. As a professional childcare giver, his presentation will be with music, stories and visuals. All are welcome and please spread the word.

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