Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 04/08/13

The Ministry For Aug 4:

Worship Leader: Rev Doug Powell

Accompanist: Bonnie Borin

Greeters: Caylen Houghton and Les Creery, Anne Wilson

Scripture Reader: Anne Wilson

Trumpet: Eric Friesen

Upcoming Events

We welcome Mona Esaysed back from holidays, as our Office Administrator.

Doug Powell will be gone from Thursday August 8 to Friday August 16, performing a wedding in the Ottawa area and taking a course in Toronto for most of the time.  There will be a service as usual next Sunday.

Picnic anyone? We are planning a church picnic at the Picnic Spot along the Legacy Trail. It is scheduled for 1:00 pm on Aug 18 so people who choose might bike there. All are welcome.

We give thanks for Bonnie’s gift of accompaniment today. Our thought and prayers are with Noah and Bonnie in the passing of Noah’s dad.

Sarah Krahn our accompanist for 6 weeks has returned to Manitoba and eventually to her studies. She has written of her deep appreciation of the warm welcome she received here and the opportunity to play for her first church services ever.

A second offering! We frequently have people passing through Banff that are in need of overnight accommodation or a meal or both.  On occasion we are taking a second offering specifically for this Benevolent fund. There is no obligation to contribute but Jesus calls us to feed and to clothe and visit the stranger and this helps us to do that.


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