Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 13/10/13

The Ministry For Oct 13:

Worship Leader: Rev Shannon Mang

Accompanist: Noah Borin

Greeters: Margaret Watson and Anne Wilson

Scripture Reader: Anne Wilson

Technician: Kareem Mansour

Upcoming Events

Sunday Oct 13: Free Thanksgiving Dinner @ Rundle United Church 5 – 7pm. All welcome.

Doug Powell will return to his office on Friday Oct 18.

Doug does not anticipate being away again in the near future so a study group will begin after his return. Watch for details.

The Banff Men’s conference will be worshipping with us at Rundle on Sunday October 20th. The service will start at 10:30 for that Sunday only.

On Sunday we are using some more technology to enhance worship. It will take some time for this to work for everyone’s benefit.


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