Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 09/03/14

The Ministry For Mar 9:
Worship Leader: Rev Doug Powell
Accompanist: Lorena Orozco
Greeters: Margaret Watson and Sally MacDonald
Scripture Reader: Margaret Watson
Technician: Kareem Mansour

Upcoming Events and Rundle News:

Tuesday Mar 11: 7:30 pm Lenten study

A sincere thank you to all who helped with the Shrove Tuesday Pancake supper. A special thanks to Sharon Fish and family and friends and to Anne Wilson.

Join us as we begin the Lenten Journey on Tuesday night. We expect the sessions to be 90 minutes maximum and will agree on the best day and time as we meet.  The theme is “the Easter experience” and covers topics such as regret, disappointments, forgiveness and acceptance and hope. All are welcome.

Friday night Mar 14 is a chili fundraiser for the Grannies of Canmore. All proceeds go to the Stephen Lewis foundation to battle Aids. Tickets are available at the Kitchen shop. Talk to Margaret Watson for more information.

A sincere thanks to Lorena Orozco for her accompaniment last Sunday and this.

Sunday March 9th is not only the first Sunday in Lent but also the beginning of Daylight Savings. We lose an hour as we spring ahead. See you at 10:00 in the new time!!!

Theme conversation: Share a time when you felt or were alone or felt lonely.