Faith in Action, United Church Newsletter – March 2014

NewUCCrestAugust122012Faith in Action highlights the work of United Church ministries that function outside of congregations: Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble & Affirming Ministries; Camping Ministries; Campus Ministries; Chaplaincies; Community & Social Justice Ministries; Education Centres; Seniors’ Facilities; Theological Schools.

Current Issue

The spring issue shares news on how a local congregation will be welcoming WorldPride to Toronto in June, and links to a variety of ways that congregations are transforming themselves and their communities. Read how one camp is helping young people experience what poverty looks like around the world.  Learn about how our Community and Social Justice Ministries are working to support and empower people. From Affirming Ministries, and Campus Ministries, to Chaplains in Correctional Services, United Church folks across Canada are putting their faith into action.