Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United, 29/05/2016

The Ministry for May 29, 2016:
Worship Leader: Rev Doug Powell
Accompanist: Noah Claire Borin
Greeters: Pat Allin and Ian Brownlie
Scripture Reader: Pat Allin
Technician: Kareem Mansour

Activities this Week and Rundle News:
Saturday May 28: Wedding in the Sanctuary
Sunday May 29: A brief meeting with any Board executive to discuss a decision with regard to the Intentional Christian Community. (Not a crisis just a ratification of a decision made)

This week is a “ministers recall” and Ordination Service as part of conference. Doug Powell will be out of the office Thursday through Monday attending these events in Edmonton.
Rev Paul Mullen will be taking the service on Sunday June 5 and it will be communion.

Tuesday June 14…the X Project…a contemporary Musical performed by High School students from central Minnesota USA at Rundle Church. It is FREE!!
It is a “bold new musical about respect” Please spread the word.
Also we are hosting this group overnight and providing a supper meal before the performance so will need help with the meal.