Rundle 302 Intentional Christian Community

Rundle Memorial United Church in Banff is excited to continue its journey of Intentional Christian Community.

In the stories about the very earliest days of the church, we discover that they lived in community. Acts 2:44 – “All the believers were together in close community and shared everything.”

As a congregation, we host a community of 5 people who are choosing to live out their faith and life with one another at this time. The community is located in our former manse on the church site.

We expect three things of our residents:

  1. Spiritual discipline – This means a life of worship and spiritual practice, which could include scripture reading, prayer, journaling, involvement with Rundle Church or another church, and group spiritual practices at the monthly meetings.
  2. Community living – Being prepared to sign a covenant with one another and the church that covers standards for behaviour, expectations around food, money, guests, quiet time, chores, media, and hygiene, and conflict resolution. This also includes an emphasis on eating together and attending and participating in monthly meetings with the minister or another facilitator.
  3. Community outreach – This includes volunteering for 1 hour per week or 4 hours per month in the community, as well as occasional involvement in the life of Rundle Church or another church.

Entering the community involves filling out an application and at least one interview.

The fee payable to Rundle Church is $500 per month. Utility and internet costs are shared within the community.

Rundle Church provides a private furnished room, a common kitchen, a common furnished living space, and a common ‘quiet space’, as well as shared bathroom facilities. We also provide support for community-building, leadership development, spiritual growth, and personal reflection through the minister or other facilitator, as well as volunteer opportunities.
Romans 12:4-5
“Just as each of us is one body with many parts, and these parts have different functions, so in Christ many of us form one body, and each part belongs to all the others.”

Matthew 18:20
“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Intentional Community Application