The Church and the Economics of Happiness

Earlier, in the passage from John, we heard Jesus talking about giving eternal life to those who listen to his voice and follow him. A more popular passage that conveys the same message may be John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life.” In his book “The Jesus Way”, Eugene Peterson talks about how “Jesus as the…

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Logo for the Banff United Church, Rundle United

Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United 14/04/13

The Ministry for April 14: Rev.  Doug Powell Accompanist: Noah Borin Greeters: Marlo Reid and Kelly Gibson, L Creery and C Houghton Scripture Reader: Allan Bukingham Up-coming Events: The Thrift Shop is open once again and is much improved. Thank you to all who helped. Sunday April 14: Bishop Henry is dedicating land for a new Roman Catholic Church in Canmore. An open invitation to…

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Announcements for the Banff United Church, Rundle United 07/04/13

The Ministry for Sunday April 7: Rev.  Doug Powell Accompanist: Noah Borin Greeters: Karen Minish and Ian Brownlie Scripture Reader: Ian Brownlie   Up-coming Events: Many volunteers have worked hard these past two weeks to sort and reorganize the Thrift Shop. A sincere thank you to all who helped. At the beginning of this re-organization, Janet Kundert, the Thrift Shop co-ordinator’s mother passed away…

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