Marriage is not only “an honourable estate”, but also a rewarding way to live out your commitment to one another and to the communities of which you are a part.  We wish you well in the great adventure, and we are pleased as a Christian community that you have sought our assistance in planning your wedding ceremony in our community.

Rundle Memorial is a congregation of the United Church of Canada, a union of Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational Churches formed in June 1925.  Our community of faith does have a number of regulations and guidelines for you to follow, in order that both we, and you, may enter this covenant with integrity.

1.   We expect all couples being married in our Church, or by our minister, to participate in a Marriage Preparation course in their own community before they come to Banff for the wedding.  Many congregations all over the world offer such courses, and we are happy if you are involved in one sponsored by your believing community

In many cities, counselling agencies also offer such courses. These are often rich and thought provoking.  We ask only that you do this, and send us some indication that you have done so.  You will enter your marriage more thoughtfully prepared for the challenges and blessings of the relationship by virtue of this educational experience.  (To encourage and support adequate preparation, we do not perform weddings on short notice.)

2.   We assume that at least one member of the couple requesting marriage is involved in a Christian community where they live.  We’d like to know that, and if this is not  the case, then we will be interested to know and understand why it is important for you to be married by a minister and/or in a church.  For those who might decide, after some further thought, that a Christian wedding is not for them, we are more than willing to provide contact information for a secular Marriage Commissioner.
3.   If your wedding is celebrated in the Rundle Memorial sanctuary, our minister will be the officiating clergy.  Other clergy may participate and share in the liturgy, but our minister will be officially responsible for the wedding.
4.   If you are requesting a wedding in a non-Church setting, your request will be considered and discussed if:
a.   The couple meets requirements 1 and 2; and,
b.  A worshipful and Christian liturgy is possible and desired.
In our part of the world, there are many beautiful “non-Church settings”, and we are willing to discuss the manner in which such a service might celebrate the relationship of marriage as well as honouring the Creator who has given us such beauty and such love.
5.   Because a Liturgy of Marriage is a public service of the Christian community and not simply a private ritual, the choice of music, songs and readings should be appropriate for Christian worship.  Please consult the minister in this matter.  The use of recorded music is not permitted.  Our Church organist / pianist is Tanya Sullivan (403-679-3322) <>.  She is also a good resource for music choices.  Those planning a wedding must make their own arrangements with our organist.

6.   Because the ceremony is a service of worship, we do not allow flash pictures to be taken during the service. Pictures may be taken during the processional and recessional, as well as during the signing of the register, but not during the service itself.  Video recording may be done if it can be without lights, and from one unobtrusive position.
7.   Guests will be asked not to use confetti, rice or birdseed in the church or on the church grounds.
8.   For families who do not financially support Rundle Memorial, the wedding fee is $1200 (Canadian).  You may wish to arrange for your own minister or organist, but this must be clear at the time of booking.  All arrangements for clergy other than those of this congregation shall be made through Rundle Memorial United Church.
9. A wedding is booked formally upon receipt of a deposit of $300 (Canadian) or the full amount for the wedding.  Please check at the time of booking to ensure that your desired date and time are still available.  Deposit may be made by cheque, in Canadian funds, made out to Rundle Memorial United Church.  Because a wedding fee is not a charitable donation, no donation receipt can be issued.  Payment by credit card is not available.  The balance of payment is due no later than the date of rehearsal.
Should you have questions or concerns you may reach us by phone (403-762-2075) or fax (403-760-2736) or via email at <>.

We look forward to planning your Great Event with you!

Rundle Memorial United Church
P.O. Box 1086 * Banff, Alberta, Canada *  T1L 1B1